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Automation Systems

Champion’s modern measurement and automation systems are designed to reduce operational costs, maximize assets and improve efficiencies. Built to meet growing demands of oil and gas industry, our revolutionary systems continue to increase your profits and production over time. All automation systems are designed and installed by our talented field technicians and industry experts.

Champion’s Automation Technology

At Champion, we don’t use a “cookie cutter” approach to your automation system. First and foremost, we talk to the customer so we fully understand their business. Based on their unique needs and operations, Champion crafts a custom automation system.

Regardless of the location of your wells or their surrounding environment, Champion can install a fully operative system in just two days. Even after installation, Champion will stick around to assist you with your new system.

Champion’s automation features:

    • Complete plunger management system to optimize production

    • Tracking plunger arrivals, plunger speed and history

    • Shut in for repeated missed arrivals

    • Swab control for loaded wells


    • Compressor status

    • Automated gas lift

      • Control injection rate
      • Control suction
      • Split flow to sales


Check Measurement:
    • Hold pipeline company accountable

    • Ensure accurate gas measurement

Tanks/Chemical Tanks:
    • Monitor levels

    • Prevent environmental spills

    • Phone, text or email notifications

    • ESD capabilities

    • POC optimization via Dynacard

Security Camera:
    • Monitor well site from the web

    • Review camera history from the web

    • Inexpensive solution