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Outfit Existing Wells To Rejuvenate Production Efficiency


When it comes to boosting oil well production and operating efficiency, going digital is often the answer. This is especially true of wells that have suffered reduced production efficiency in the recent past. Going digital really does have the potential to rejuvenate production to earlier levels and beyond.

How Digital Oilfield Solutions Help

Digitizing oil field solutions has the potential to greatly increase production as well as general efficiency and safety. Oftentimes, going digital means the implementation of intelligent well pad programs (IWPPs). The aim of such a solution is to enhance operator productivity, mitigate production downtime and decrease the health risks for on-site employees as well as environmental risks for the surrounding areas.

Some companies are even installing 24/7 surveillance centers to boot. Such surveillance centers are designed to provide cutting edge automation and information systems to obtain real-time video and production data simultaneously. Contemporary surveillance solutions make it possible for employees to monitor wells and pads and intervene as necessary. This way, also known as “operating by exception,”  field technicians can minimize their driving time as well as the downtime of pads. The result is undeniable: Decreased operating costs, improved HS&E and an optimization of production performance.

Transforming Pad Operations

So-called “legacy pads” can be redesigned to meet contemporary safety and reliability standards. This transformation takes place with the installation of advanced automation, liquid allocation metering, safety element loops and even a modification of existing safety systems. The goal is to greatly enhance the data provided by pads so technicians don't have to spend hours commuting along remote roads on a daily basis for inspection and tank level monitoring purposes.

Updated intelligent frameworks for well pads have the potential to boost productivity by one-quarter, empowering technicians to operate more wells while enhancing production. These frameworks allow for the implementation of remote surveillance practices that can help keep wells operating at maximum production

As routing optimization and data management continue to boost efficiency, it will be possible to bring more and more wells on line without investing extra resources. In some instances, outfitting existing wells via IWPP solutions can boost well-to-technician ratios and general operator efficiency four-fold. The exact impact is determined by the efficacy of improvements made to data accumulation and management capabilities.

Contact Champion Automation to learn about how we can improve operating efficiency and production at your wellsites. Our systems have been designed to generate accurate, real-time data from distant operating sites through remote access. Our aim is to help you improve your production and grow your business as time progresses.



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