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How Can SCADA Help My Oil And Gas Operation?


With technology increasingly constantly, it is important to find software that will work for you and your business.

4 Ways SCADA Can Help Your Oil And Gas Operation

Regulatory Compliance - One of the most important things in the oil and gas industry is the ability to maintain and report compliance. SCADA software can gather compliance information from all remote sites into one central portal easily and quickly.

Reporting - SCADA will supply all necessary reporting from remote sites. The reporting of key performance indicators from remote sites is extremely important to the efficient running of your operation. Through the reporting function, you will be able to identify trends, compare metrics and create customized reporting all from one central location.

Report Diagnostics and Preventative Maintenance - Since all locations report to one centralized system, you will be able to monitor all equipment, events, and data. This will also provide notifications, alarms, and warnings of equipment malfunctions, slower productivity, or other errors that the software may detect. By notifying management immediately of a system or equipment problem, you will be able to save on downtime and be able to prevent additional damage that may occur with the equipment if it is not repaired in a timely manner.

Compatibility with Other Business Software - SCADA not only helps connect your remote sites and equipment together, it also helps to connect your company as a whole. Due to its versatility, SCADA software can share data with maintenance, accounting, and other software programs that you may utilize on a day to day basis. With flexibility in sharing data, your company will save a considerable amount of time and prevent errors, by limiting the amount of times data will need to be entered into the system.

If you are interested in increasing your productivity and streamlining your business by utilizing SCADA software, or need more information on production solutions for your oil and gas business, contact the professionals at Champion Automation today to discuss your company’s needs.



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