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How To Reduce Communications Costs In The Oil And Gas Industry

How complex and costly are your company's communication costs? If your company is part of the oil and gas industry, you likely have a complex of legacy systems mixed in with newer equipment. You are paying a premium to keep older technology running, but need that money to invest in newer technologies.

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How Oil And Gas Producers Should Deal With The 'Now' Mentality

As the oil and gas industry, especially those upstream producers, move into a more immediate, information-driven work environment, you have to think of the "now."

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What's The Difference Between Ubiquiti And Freewave Radios?

The Freewave radio, along with its primary competitor, MDS radios, have been the standard for field automation for some time. The most common being the Freewave FGR-2 and the MDS Transnet.

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